EP 2010

by We're Only Humans

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released December 20, 2010


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We're Only Humans Tucson, Arizona

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Track Name: "350 Bones, Cowboy"
We've been waiting, and there's nothing to show. Time consuming, karma plays its role. I can't believe you found me here at the same place where we started. If you think I'm leaving here without what I came for, you're so mistaken. I wouldn't mind to watch you fall, lose everything you had. But no, you're too good at what you do.
Track Name: I-10 to Albert
Sat up one morning, and my friends sad Albert making his way North. Two hundred miles, and I thought two hours seemed so short. Four years of knowing, that he's gonna miss the next four best and I guess the grass is greener here than I thought I'd ever expect. So we'll take the I-10 to Albert. Before we're long gone, he'll be headed home. We always think we're so different, but we're no different, but we're not the same.
Track Name: Grandpa
Trust me with this, there is no tiring. Week in, week out we reach the peak. One more step and you'll find your way. How should I feel? I'm asking you. I fell off track because its all that I wanted. I can almost here you almost acknowledge. We're only people that you know. I'm trying to make some lyrics, but it won't work out. Everything I do seems to fuck with someone some way. I'm tired of this fucking shit getting in my face.
Track Name: Stretchy Fingers
Will somebody show me where we're headed. I count my steps as it gets closer. Twelve years do or die, 20 pounds on my back for an REM deprived mind, and she blew mine. With my ear to the ground I'll find my home. Did you ever think that we would sink this low? If I keep to myself I'll find my own. Did you ever think that we would sink this low? This short temper's got me feeling alive. I can't hold back what I'm feeling inside. Your way of life is beginning to change and soon enough we'll be making rounds around this whole place. I'll find my home.
Track Name: A Tie is a Noose
I'm just trying to see the point and really, there's not one to me. You said I'd be a scholar, grow taller, wear that black suit, but a tie is a noose. I'm done trying to be what everyone else wants of me. Oh it wouldn't be that bad if I had it like the king. I'm clueless as to what I should be. Its not that I want to be nothing, but this is to close to me. I'm fine with what I do. We never asked you. Pulling apart from your ties. In your perfect dream, you found me at your feet. I don't share that belief.

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